Rate Schedule
Cost per trip
Ambulatory Passenger (Mon-Fri) – One Way $22.00 pick up fee
$2.00 Per mile (First 3 miles are free)
Wheelchair Rates (Mon-Sat) – One Way Response to Call (Pickup fee): $37.25
$3.50 Per Mile
Gurney Transport Pick Up = $95.50 pick up fee
$3.50 Per Mile
*Additional charges may apply for higher levels of service
Wheelchair use: $15.00 per use
Immediate Response to Call
(Reservation made the same day of transport)
$10.00 Ambulatory
$25.00 Wheelchair
$35.00 Stretcher
Out of Area Pickup Charge $10.00 for Ambulatory
$25.00 for Wheelchair
$35.00 for Gurney
Wait time (after an initial 15 minutes): $ 9.50 for each 15 minutes
Night Call (7:00 P.M. – 7:00 A.M.): $15.00 each way additional
*Prices are subject to change if not within the scope of regular business hours and service area. Wait time will be charged for all trips outside the normal service area as applicable. Additional charges may apply.