Safety, Training & Substance Abuse Programs

We at Ambiance Medical Transportation understand the importance of safe transportation, this is why our drivers are our most valuable asset.

Ambiance Medical Transportation requires all drivers to undergo two weeks of training before transporting any patients. Drivers receive professional behind the wheel training from management. Drivers are professionally trained for including but not limited to proper loading and unloading of passengers, applying the brake in a wheelchair in and out of the vehicle to assure wheelchair safety, operating the hydraulic lift automatically and manually, securely tying down wheelchairs, fastening wheelchair seat belts, and courteous customer service. Training is conducted to ensure drivers accurately read maps and have vast knowledge of the service area. All drivers are required to receive and maintain CPR and First Aid certification by a certified organization. All drivers are required to undergo drug screening before they are hired and are also subject to random drug testing throughout their employment. The company requires all drivers to undergo drug screenings at designated labs. The company may also conduct background checks of their prospective employees prior to hiring.

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