Why Choose Us

When you are facing challenges in ground transportation, Ambiance Transportation will not let you down. We know how difficult it is to deal with an injury or disability. Mobility impairments can be a great inconvenience at home and even more difficult to manage when you’re traveling.

In our many years in this line of work, we found that clients look for:

  • Comfort – We make sure clients are as comfortable as possible during travel.
  • Safety – All vehicles in the Ambiance Transportation fleet are well-maintained.
  • Privacy – Ambiance Transportation will preserve the privacy of client information at all times.
  • Reliability – We arrive at your place of pick-up on time and will get you to your destination as quickly and safely as we can.

Providing quick and safe transportation to those who are in need – this is what we do. Ambiance Medical Transportation has established a legacy worth the highest pride in the non-emergency medical transportation industry. As any other medical transport company which promises to bring you to your destination, Ambiance Medical Transportation travels the extra mile. We don’t make promises – we make a pledge to quality and prompt service.

Ambiance Medical Transportation pledges and commits to address your transportation needs.

The Competitive Advantages

Ambiance Medical Transportation possesses some important competitive advantages that help position ourselves in the marketplace and help us differentiate from our competitors. We provide reliable transportation to ambulatory and wheelchair patients with an increased speed available to us by technologically advanced logistics. We maintain safety records with the help of highly experienced and quality drivers. Customers are pleased with the quality, convenience, and upkeep of our vehicles. We provides specialized services with a wide area of operation at a competitive price which brings familiarity to our name and logo. Most importantly, Ambiance Medical Transportation has achieved a prestige status as a locally owned company with our customers being highly pleased with our perceived value.

Choose Ambiance Medical Transportation because there is no alternative to quality and safety in transportation!